Extension that allows you to download the Data from Any Dashboard to Any format.

Supports Excel, CSV, PDF, PPT, Image

Adoption of BI in all areas is high now a days and we are not against the self service data analysis or Analytics but there is always a need to data to be exported and shared with Business Stakeholders or Download the aggregated data to CSV and run some basis analysis on top with custom business logic. This solution will help do the same for Tableau and Power BI leveraging out of the box REST API's

  • Export to any format in just one click and start your data analysis in excel pivots. PDF or Image export will help sharing the numbers with managements and peers PPT Export can be used for quick presentable formats of reports.
  • Common download button that can be customized to your background color and ready to be used across Dashboards easily.
  • Unleash the true potential of the data behind the visualizations using our sophisticated easy to use Tableau & Power BI Extension.

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